Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

First, I want to apologize for the extreme amount of time between posts. I know some of you have been wondering how things have been going. So here are the updates!

We have been living with my parents in the basement since we moved back to Fort Wayne. We are sooo thankful that we have this option so that we don't have to throw money away living in an apartment. We are enjoying our time living here and have been having many card nights. We were invited to attend an Euchre tournament for New Years Eve and had a great time. I finished last, but that is not surprising since I really haven't played Euchre since high school! Nick and my dad finished in the middle of the pack and my mom won the tournament! Congratulations Mom!

Work has been nuts. I am enjoying my job so far. Not really enjoying the 12 hours shifts, but it seems that some of times I've had enough work to last that long. Nick started his job and is also working 12 hour shifts. The days get long for him since he has to drive almost an hour each way to get to work. That will change when we move into our house. He is enjoying his job as well and has really liked the opportunity to learn new things and grow within his position as a paramedic.

On the house front.... They are almost finished with the drywall. It is all up and being mudded at this point. It took two weeks of no work for the gas line to finally be put in for the heat to be turned on. The heat had to be turned on before they could finish the drywall. Supposedly the drywall should be finished tomorrow. From then on we are supposed to get a schedule of when things are supposed to be done. Next step should be primer on the walls and then the finish carpenter should come in and start working. Pictures are to come. We are having problems with the computer right now.

We are two months into our forced three month hiatus on the baby front. TMI alert....  I finally had my first period since the surgery. 7 weeks and 3 days afterward. I think that is right when it should have been or darn near close. We have one more month to wait until we are allowed to officially try again on our own. We don't think that its going to happen on our own, but it doesn't hurt to have some fun while we wait to save some money right? :) Since our move and switching insurances we no longer have infertility coverage so everything from here on out is out of pocket. Since we have 6 embies frozen everything for a while should just be a frozen transfer which is cheaper than a fresh cycle.

I told you all I would post on Christy's "to do list" and here it is:

1. Lose weight (I've lost 22 pounds and gone down a jeans size).
2. I have multiple plantars warts on my right foot which bug me from time to time, so I'm looking at getting them removed. Was told yesterday that I should just need to go to a dermatologist.
3. See said Dermatologist for foot and moles I want checked out.
4. I have a bump on the roof of my mouth, which I suspect is a cyst that hurts and bugs the shit out of me... have to see and ENT for that.
5. Go back to the chiropractor and get my back in line.

I am sure that I am forgetting a few things, but why not add to the list later!  Things are going ok at this point which I am happy with. Just can't wait to get moved into the house and get settled!

Happy 2014!