Wednesday, May 28, 2014

9 Weeks

Here we go....

How far along:  9 weeks 
Total weight gain? Not sure, haven't been on the scale all week.
Maternity clothes? Nope, I've discovered that some of my summer clothes are now big since I've lost weight and I think I'll be able to wear them for a while. I'm sure at some point I will break down and buy some new stuff!
Stretch marks? Nothing new.
Sleep: It's been pretty good. I've been having some weird dreams lately. In the latest one I was speeding down Coldwater Rd, caused a wreck and drove away. Hummmm?  
Best moment this week: Getting to see my parents three nights in a row. Sunday night we went over to their house so that I could use the computer, Monday they came over to get the computer, and then Tuesday we went over again to go a tree staking kit.
Miss anything? I miss market fresh sandwiches from Arby's.
Movement: None yet.
Food cravings:  French Fries :) 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really. It's kind of random as to when I am queasy. 
Gender: Don't know yet. Will hopefully find out the middle of August. 
Labor signs: None. 
Symptoms: Sore breasts, nausea, tired, and mild cramps. 
Belly Button in or out? Currently in.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but i'm sure later in summer they will be off.
Looking forward to: June 4th when we can see our baby again :)

Friday, May 23, 2014


Well, I know its been almost 5 months since I've posted and I apologize.  Things here have been extremely busy.

We finally moved into our house on February 28th. It was a great weekend to move in... it snowed and it was my birthday weekend. We now have pretty much the entire downstairs decorated. We could use some new furniture but that is going to have to wait. We are still waiting for our lawn to be put in. We bought all of the plants for the landscaping out front and promptly have 3 of our rose bushes stolen. We haven't been able to plant anything yet since we aren't able to get our dirt. We are getting a topsoil-black dirt-peat moss mix and since it's been so wet they haven't been able to harvest the peat moss to make the mixture. We are hoping for next Tuesday. Nick is excited that he gets to rent a bobcat to dig the current clay out of the ground to replace with the dirt mix. Here are some pictures of the house :)

The front of the house


Living Room into the Dining Room
So now that the mundane stuff is out of the way.... news on the fertility front.... I'M PREGNANT!  Ever since the miscarriage  and right tube removal in November my periods have been kind of regular. My first one was 7 weeks after the surgery, which i'm told is normal. Then the next one was right on 28 days. The following one was 5 days late, then I had a 28 days. This was supposed to just be my 5 days late month. It was Monday April 28th and I hadn't started my period yet. Nick was at the store and I told him to just go a head and pick up a test. So on Tuesday morning I took said test. I put it on the counter and continued to go about doing my morning routine. I turned around and couldn't believe my eyes!  

Never in a million years would I have thought that we could do this on our own. I know that we didn't. This was totally a God thing. We had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Bopp to start the process for a frozen transfer on May 7th. The day we found out I called the office and asked if they would draw some an Hcg. If you recall my Hcg's were terrible with the ectopic in November. They agreed. On Tuesday April 29 my Hcg was 459!  I should have been 4 weeks and 6 days then. The number was perfect for that. Two days later, on May 1, the Hcg was 1314. It should double in 2 days and it did more than that!  We had our first ultrasound on May 13th at 6 weeks and 6 days. And there it was! In the uterus where it's supposed to be!

The baby's heart rate was 111. At this point the baby, whom we are calling beanie (named by my mother), was measuring a few days behind. Since I didn't know exactly what day I ovulated that's ok. When Dr. Bopp asked if I knew when I ovulated, I laughed. "I don't ovulate!"  We are going to have another Ultrasound on June 4th. I will be 10 weeks then. Then I'm getting kicked to a regular OB. So a couple of blogs that I follow do this weekly and I am going to try to follow the same thing. 

How far along:  8 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain? I've actually lost some weight, I'm sure due to the nausea and not wanting to eat anything.
Maternity clothes? Not yet, although I did have to buy some new bras :) 
Stretch marks? I've always had stretch marks from being overweight, some a few new ones isn't going to be anything different.
Sleep: All the time! I've had to start sleeping with a body pillow so my back doesn't get out of whack. 
Best moment this week: Reaching 8 weeks! I am so excited that this is finally happening, but I am also extremely nervous. I know way too much.
Miss anything? I miss market fresh sandwiches from Arby's.
Movement: None yet.
Food cravings:  Not really, nothing really sounds good right now.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Yes, meat. As I said earlier, I'm pretty nauseous all the time, so I have a hard time eating anything, but meat is the worst. 
Gender: Don't know yet. Will hopefully find out sometime the end of July or beginning of August. 
Labor signs: None. 
Symptoms: My boobs are sore and bigger. I have been nauseous all the time. No throwing up yet. I've come close a couple of times, but none yet. I've been trying to keep something in my stomach at all times, but that's getting hard too.
Belly Button in or out? Currently in.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but i'm sure later in summer they will be off.
Looking forward to: June 4th when we can see our baby again :)

More on Wednesday!