Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy October!

A lot has happened in the last month. Colton is now 10 months old!

We finally had his 9 month appointment. He is 17 pounds 13 ounces ( 17th percentile), 30 inches long (95th percentile), and his head is 17.75 inches (48th percentile). He got his first flu shot and will get the second one of the series next week. 

We had ventilator clinic at Riley on the 1st and finally switched to Colton's new vent, the Astral. We went to the clinic on the a 1/2 a liter of oxygen and came home on none! Colton loves his new vent. We have had to wean his settings twice since coming home and we are still off of oxygen. He has also been a different baby; more alert and more playful. We are loving it! And the best thing... we don't have to go back to Vent clinic for three months!

He got his new chair; the special tomato. He fits so go in it and it gives him the ability to sit up. Here is sitting in it at the table with his TLSO on (you can't see it in the first picture). Oh yeah we got that too :).  That's the second picture. 

The last picture is the TLSO. It squeezes his middle together and supports him so he can sit up. He wasn't digging it at the time, but he's only in it for one hour a day for now. 

We got his CT done and it showed that Colton's head plates aren't fused yet so the helmet that we looked into will still work. So, when we picked up his TLSO we got his second scan for his helmet.  His helmet should be here next Wednesday. He will start with wearing it one hour the first day and then we will work up to it being worn for 23 hours a day. I'll post pictures when we get it. He continues to have physical therapy and occupational therapy every month. We are getting to increase the physical therapy to once a week so that we can go to the pool more! He absolutely loves the water.   Speaking of water, we got his bath chair and tried it for the first time the other day. It's still a work in progress but we'll get it. When I have decent pictures I will post them. 

Colton had a big first this week as well. He got his first hair cut!  

We also had our dermatologist appointment the end of last month. Colton was diagnosed with eczema, which is what we thought he had. We were given a special lotion to help control the areas of greatest concern. It has helped soooo much. He isn't as itchy and scratchy anymore. 

Nick and I got to attend the March of Dimes Signature Chef's Auction this week and we had a good time, but missed our bubby. I have also been asked to be on a special committee for the March of Dimes to help with family teams and fund raising for next year's walk. Save the date!  The walk will be on April 30, 2016. We are always looking for walkers for Colton's Crew. We love the company on the walk and would always welcome more fundraisers for the mission! 

We can't wait for Halloween to come around. Colton is going to be a doggie! We are also planning his 1st birthday party. Yeah, me too.... 1 year old already?!  Time is gong too fast and he is growing and making so much progress. More updates later this month!