Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Half Birthday!

I can't believe that Colton is 6 months old already. Time really flies. It has been a while since I posted. I meant to post the night after his 6th month appointment on the 8th. Things have been crazy busy around here. Here is what our big 6 month old looks like:

Like I mentioned earlier, we had his 6 month appointment on the 8th. Colton weighed 14 pounds 2 ounces (3rd percentile), length was 27.5in (84th percentile), and head was 16.5in (12th percentile). At least his weight is staying on the same curve. His length has slipped slightly and his head is growing. For that we are grateful. 

Poor boy had a very busy day of appointments that day. We also saw the eye doctor again and we went to our appointment with Dr. Reddy the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. The eye doctor looked at Colton again and was impressed that he made facial changes when he was looking at me. He still does not track, but he does react to what he sees. He wasn't able to tell us much more than that for now. 

The big appointment of the day was going to see Dr. Reddy. We wanted him to take a look at the growth on the side of Colton's neck. We were initially told that it was a bronchial cleft and that it would have to be removed at some point because they always get infected. Well Dr. Reddy took one look at it and said that it isn't a cleft and that it's more then likely just like a big skin tag and that we could have it removed if we wanted to but that it shouldn't cause any harm since it wasn't in the path of any nerves or vessels. Some good news!  We also talked about the fact that Colton's trach is too small and that he didn't tolerate the bigger one that we tried. He agreed to do a bronchoscopy on Colton. Colton will be put under anesthesia and Dr. Reddy will insert a camera on a long tube down Colton's airway to look for any abnormality in the airway. This should give us a better idea of why he didn't tolerate the new trach and possibly why he even needed to be given a trach in the first place. We have to schedule this procedure yet, but I'm hoping it will be sooner rather than later. Colton needs some answers! 

Since that day, we have been lucky enough to hear our boy talking and singing along with me. He has had some great days lately. He's done some new things with physical therapy as well. See.....

He is putting more weight on his feet. When he's laying on his side, he will try to push himself over to his belly. He also has been pushing up on his feet and trying to get his hips away from us when we are trying to change his diaper. Progress! 

We are excited about Colton's progress lately. He has been having some bad days as well. His top 2 front teeth are on their way to coming in and he's been miserable. Tylenol has been his friend the last 2 days. Hoping he gets over this soon, we are going on vacation!